St John’s Wood, London - Private Residential

Pavilion House

1,940 sqft
Private Apartment

This apartment was designed for clientele from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, but the brief was in relation to their 2-bedroom apartment in North West London. This young family requested our signature Anna Casa Interiors style; a tasteful blend of the luxurious, glamorous and modern design whilst also retaining classical elements.

The client wished to create a luxurious but comfortable apartment, so that every time they return to London they can feel at home, while creating a space that excites all of the senses and captivates the eye of their guests.

As the apartment is not a naturally large space, creativity thrived with the use of mirrors in order to change the optical perspective and make each room look and feel much larger.

With a neutral colour scheme, the apartment remains fresh and inviting, even when the London weather is not at its best. To achieve this we created versatile lighting options, giving the client the possibility to adjust the mood in the apartment; from bright lights, soft romantic glows, through to atmospheric night illuminations.


The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space.”

Anna grace-davidson