Chelsea, London - Commercial

Zefi Bar

Commercial Restaurant and Bar

The client requested a unique and memorable experience for their range of clientele. The challenge was to create a balanced design to soften the hard industrial features of the building, such as brick walls and steel beams.

Anna Casa Interiors took inspiration by paying homage to the local history and the fashionable King’s Road association, with a unique style and concept. The key was to differentiate the design from the typical vintage look, achieving character and uniqueness by blending an eclectic fusion of furniture and lighting from Baxter - renowned Italian luxury furniture manufacturer. Their high quality soft leathers complimented the other materials used, such as the blackened steel frames, walnut wood tables, fabric pendant lights, antiqued mirrors, and a marble bar counter which all contributed to a stylistic and intimate atmosphere.


The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space.”

Anna grace-davidson